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Indoor bulbs | The Venetian Tulips Triumph Yellow, Muscari Latifolium

GARDEN and CONTAINER PLANTING: This mixture is among the earliest spring-blooming bulbs, often popping up through snow in cold-winter areas. Plant this mixture in groups. Select a sunny location where the soil is not too wet. Most importantly, select a spot where you can see them from a window of your house. You don’t want to miss the first show of the year!

PLANTING LOCATION : Sun/semi-shade

PLANTING : September-December

PLANTING DEPTH : 4 inch (10 cm)

PLANTING DISTANCE : 4 inch (10 cm)

FLOWERS IN : April-May

FLOWERING HEIGHT : Approx. 8/20 inch (20/50 cm)

Easy to grow

1. Select an area with full sun or semi-shade
2. Dig a hole 4 inches (10 cm) deep
3. Place the bulb in the hole, with pointed side up
4. Space bulbs 4 inches (10 cm) apart
5. Cover with soil and water thoroughly

Planting tips

Plant in groups of 5 or more, in well-drained soil. Bulbs will benefit from a handful of compost added to the planting holes.