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Perennials | Japanese Lantern Physalis Franchetti

Border planting – Container planting – Deer Resistant – Cut Flower – Fragrant

The Japanese Lantern is a type of Plumeria cultivar. Plumerias are tropical deciduous trees known for their fragrant and colorful blossoms. Plumerias can be grown by many gardeners due to their low-maintenance nature, and the Japanese Lantern is ideal for its bountiful flowers that create eye-catching masses of red. Valued for its inflated orange-red seed coverings which resemble miniature Japanese lanterns. By midsummer the seed pods are enclosed in red-orange paper lanterns. Adds new charm at the back for the border. Cut the flowers as the lantern turns color and create exciting winter bouquets.

PLANTING LOCATION : Full sun/semi-shade

PLANTING : February-May after Frost

PLANTING DEPTH : 1 inch (2,5 cm)

PLANTING DISTANCE : 8 inch (20 cm)

FLOWERS IN : July-September

FLOWERING HEIGHT : Approx. 24 inch (60 cm)


Easy to grow

1. Select an area with full sun or semi-shade
2. Dig a hole 1 inch (2,5 cm) deep
3. Place the perennial in the hole, with pointed side up
4. Space perennial 8 inches (20 cm) apart
5. Cover with soil and water thoroughly

Planting tips

Plant in groups of 2 or more, in well-drained soil. Perennial will benefit from a handful of compost added to the planting holes.

Until planting best to store product between 35 F and 60 F degrees.

Planting time zone

Hardiness Zones 5-9